Lana Grossa Design Special Udgave 5

oktober 2017

Lana Grossa Design Special Udgave 5
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Chunky and comfy – knitwear design doesn’t always have to be the straight classic! The new looks that are knitted one or two sizes bigger than usual are the real style makers this winter. And why? Because XXL-knits is the ideal casual counterpart to boyfriend shirts etc. – laid-back, super cosy and yet really attractive with the right styling.

That’s what Sara Nuru thinks, too. In this edition of Design Specials No.5 she’s given her own individual style check and presents her personal favourites.

And every season there’s always a highlight that returns: the unmistakable statement knits by Lala Berlin! Alongside the clear-line, easy-to-knit Girl/Boy knitwear collection, the designer has two new yarn qualities: Lala Berlin Lovely, in Baby Alpaca, Cashmere and Merino, as well as Lala Berlin Fluffy, a tweed yarn in a combination of Superkid Mohair, Baby Alpaca and Merino.

EAN: 4033493226493